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Quick Status Update

April 28
by anegri 28. April 2011 20:52

I have been experimenting more with haXe and have created a couple of small games based on it working on the palm-pre.  I have not posted much in a while, sales on Missile Defender were a lot lower than I expected.  However I did get good suggestions for the next update of the game thanks to my feedback option.  The lag on Missile Defender seem to discourage some players, at this point I am sure I will re-write it on haXe for the next release and port it over to Android and iOS. 


December 30
by anegri 30. December 2010 17:32

Last night I decided to take a plunge and try out haXe, I used to do AS a while back and have used it on e-learning side projects here and there.  Action Script, if you are a programmer, is really easy use and haXe is based on it.  I create a blank screen project that printed "Hello World", but I was able to compile two versions one for the flash player and another one for the palm pre!  I am planning on making a simple game to try it out and maybe port it to both the android and the iphone platforms.  I will post more on this once I have a plan!


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