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March 25
by anegri 25. March 2013 20:37

Currently I started migrating level files from XML to JSON and decided to use JSONCPP.  I made a build with Qt Creator and figured I would share the projcet on the 0.6 build.



Behavior Trees

August 31
by anegri 31. August 2012 05:53

I have been working on implementing a behavior tree for driving the story in a scripted manner and have been following what has been done by Joost, Dustin Watson, Christian Werler and Alex Champandard for a project in my full time job.  It has been a rough week, but I finally finished a basic prototype using SDL and C++!  There is still a lot more to do, but I am hoping it all works out. 

X-Plane Plugin

August 02
by anegri 2. August 2012 17:58

Last six months have been very busy working at my real job developing a plug-in for X-Plane.  I have been working on creating a training scenario that borrows a lot of elements from game development, it has been great since I am back on C++ development!  I am incorporating second generation behavior trees for the training scenarios and have a great sate maching to load different parts of the training (from the splash screen to menus and pilot training).  I also just finished incorporating a speech API similar to dragon naturally speaking to incorporate dialog trees within the application... so far so good on this.

Also I have stopped using haXe/NME for mobile development... I grew very frustrated with the compiling tools for the WEB OS devices not supporting version 1.4.5, the textures would not load and it was very hard to find a working stable version.  I liked the simplicity of the language, testing in Flash was great too! It seemed that I was wasting too much time trying to get things to work, so I dropped the languange and the dev environment.  I did switched to WP7 and have been loving using the XNA platform on it and will be focusing on that platform, I also tried developing on android as well (hated the emulator and the fragmented versions/hardware)... I really wished a new phone came out with WebOS, but that is probably not going to happen.

C++ Lightweight Logger

December 19
by anegri 19. December 2011 07:01

While working on a COM object for a small project I required a lightweight logger framework for C++... looking around took me to the Dr. Dobbs article for creating your own custom multithreaded logger.  After digging a bit deeper I found some unwelcomed dependencies on other third party tools, some more digging took me to logog an AWESOME lightweight C++ logger optimized for games! Out of the box it requires CMake, but with very little elbow grease I have it working with QMake!  


December 30
by anegri 30. December 2010 17:32

Last night I decided to take a plunge and try out haXe, I used to do AS a while back and have used it on e-learning side projects here and there.  Action Script, if you are a programmer, is really easy use and haXe is based on it.  I create a blank screen project that printed "Hello World", but I was able to compile two versions one for the flash player and another one for the palm pre!  I am planning on making a simple game to try it out and maybe port it to both the android and the iphone platforms.  I will post more on this once I have a plan!


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