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December 30
by anegri 30. December 2010 17:32

Last night I decided to take a plunge and try out haXe, I used to do AS a while back and have used it on e-learning side projects here and there.  Action Script, if you are a programmer, is really easy use and haXe is based on it.  I create a blank screen project that printed "Hello World", but I was able to compile two versions one for the flash player and another one for the palm pre!  I am planning on making a simple game to try it out and maybe port it to both the android and the iphone platforms.  I will post more on this once I have a plan!


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Missile Defender Final Final Beta

December 28
by anegri 28. December 2010 18:58

I just released last night/this pas morning the final beta for missile defender on the beta catalog for the palm store!  I had to address some bugs along with a set of features that seemed to be almost requirements by all the reviews/feedback I received.  I am one step away from actually charging for the game!  I am however pending on updated reviews from my loyal beta users... did I mentioned I have currently about 10K downloads on the beta?  This last release added the following:

  1. Level selection Shank style!
  2. Hardcore game mode (from level one to the end of the game).
  3. User name setup screen.
  4. New control mode, lots of complains on the drag to fire so I added the tap to fire based on a selected SAM.
  5. Updated graphics (I am trying to evolve the theme of the game as much as I can).